FREE #FoodCalorie & #WeightLossPercentage Calculator

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FREE Food Calorie & Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

When you start planning to lose weight, you would need the following:

  1. A Weighing Machine
  2. A Big Mirror (For Full Body View)
  3. A Camera 😉
  4. A Home Detox (#FREE) Guide
  5. Pro Thinspiration Diet Plan (Included in #ProThinspiration eBook)
  6. Thinspirational Recipe Book (Under 100 calorie Foods)
  7. Pro Thinspiration eBook ( A MUST)
  8. Get A #WeightLossPercentage Calculator & #FoodCalorie Tracking Counter ( A MUST)

When you plan to go for a target to lose weight, You must obviously be knowing how much you weigh at that point of time, but you would still need a weighing machine (can buy an old one costing not more than $5). This would help you keep daily / weekly track of your efforts. Make sure each day when you check yourself, take a pic and note down the date and the weight. It is very common to see very little or no change in your weight, you must continue what you started. Avoid pushing your body beyond limits, unless you want to try it or do it for short time like taking too low calorie meal once a day or try water fasting for a day. Short term crash diet is not bad unless you forcefully push yourself beyond natural limits. Even the yogis fast for days, but thats not on their day 1. When the process is gradual and natural, your body will help you push more, so love your body as much as you would love to lose weight.

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With Thinspiration Weight Loss Oracle, you will be able to:

Calculate exactly how many days it will takeyou to reach your target weight!! (And you choose the starting date)

Know exactly how many calories you can eat to arrive at the big event at the perfect weight!!

Figure out exactly what day to start your diet onto lose your weight on schedule!!

Determine exactly how many calories YOU personally burn each day! Make your Diet!!

See how your exercise routine helps your weight loss goal (and figure out the best exercise that works for you)

Track your weight loss progress per day and easy to integrate with Thinspiration Diet Plan the only diet plan that makes you lose pounds day by day!


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